Ryan Bryson
Tim Worley

Tim Worley is a Dallas, Texas-based songwriter, musician, and photographer best known to his kid nephew as Uncle Book.

He has 22 years of photography experience that includes photojournalism, wedding photography, fashion photography, portrait work, natural light, and nature and wildlife.


His personal focus includes black and white and candids. These speak to his photographic training in the field of photojournalism. He got his start in professional photography working for local Dallas, Texas artist Brian Reynolds, an oil and acrylic painter.


Throughout his photographic career, Tim has grown with the industry, starting by processing and developing his own work in a darkroom to learning some of the tricks of the digital photography age. He spent five years in the reprographics industry where he worked with fine art reproductions and publishing. Tim is a member of the Fort Worth Photography Club and the Nikonians.

Ryan Bryson is a musician and audio engineer based in the DFW area.  He has 25 years of musical experience including music theory training from the University of Texas at Dallas.


In 2009 Ryan began production on a solo album.  After recording with several different studios and being unsatisfied with the results, he decided to produce the album himself.  Following that experience, he received certification as Pro Tools Operator from Pro Media Training.  Ryan is dedicated to providing his clients with music produced by a musician for musicians.

Over the years Ryan has produced music for many local bands and singer/songwriters including Perfect Time to Panic, South of Super, Olivia Laster, Rebecca Sehnert, and The Shenaniganizers. Ryan is a member of the group Waves Audiophiles.

Roadside Beggars Music: A Valued Piece of Your Musical Dream