If you are a musician in today's world the top three things you need are music, a bio, and images. These things will be shared on your website, all of your social media sites, and as part of your press kit. Pages like Reverbnation, CD Baby, and Bandcamp can help people find you. Roadside Beggars Music can make sure you look and sound your best when they do.

The Power of Marketing

We offer you the ability to promote your image, to own your brand. The music industry is changing. Musicians and artists, for the first time in history, have a level playing field with the record industry. As a music maker, you have the ability to promote your work online and reach people worldwide. How will you look and sound when those people find you?

Music Samples

Trouble - Smokin' Blue Notes
Fly - Olivia Laster
A Christmas Song -
The Shenaniganizers

Menu of Services

What we offer

Roadside Beggars Music wants to be the team in your corner. We offer professional audio recording, photography, and can help give you the tools and materials to promote your music. Our premier package starts at only $300 (USD). This includes a photography session and a high-quality recording session of 1 song for you or your band.

Need more? We can custom design a package to fit your needs. Need studio musicians? We have a network of skilled music makers who are ready to play on your project. Want to record an album? We are ready to be a part of your musical dream.

Now I Know -
Rebecca Sehnert

Roadside Beggars Music: A Valued Piece of Your Musical Dream